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Harringworth Village Dog Show in Photos

On Sunday 10th September, my partner and I headed over to Harringworth for their 'Companion Dog Show'. Before we walked down to the paddock where it was being hosted, we popped into Spokes Cafe, located next to Harringworth's Manor Stables for a bap and a locally roasted coffee, as it was a cold, wet and windy morning!

Sunday was also my dogs 2nd birthday, so it was a perfect day for a dog show! The day was also hosting a sponsored dog walk by the local dog walker, Chloe of Boo's Walking School, which began after 'Best in Show'.

The day featured many different show categories from 'Best Veteran' to 'Prettiest Bitch' and many more! Sadly our Pug, Arla didn't win but there were so many different breeds of dogs and owners who attended, it was a very successful turnout!

Harry Boon and his lurcher, Ethel won 'Most Obedient Dog'. Marie and her German Shepherd, Archie also went home with a win. Ted, the Norfolk Terrier went home with a prize bigger than himself, and 'Best in Show' was won by 5-month-old Spaniel, Ella.

It was a fantastic day out and I do hope the village host another next year - hopefully, the weather will behave more next year too!

Below are all the photographs of the day... Enjoy!



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