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How to make: A Paper Easter Decoration | Crafts at Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that during lockdown and self-isolation I've got back into crafting! With Easter this weekend and most of our usual Easter celebrations cancelled, I thought it was a good opportunity to try some Easter themed crafts using ordinary household items so you and your family can create something fun this Easter with this 5 step tutorial to make your own hanging paper egg decorations.

Simple, quick and easy to make and an idea for something to this weekend!

All you need: Scissors Scrap Paper, Newspaper, Card or Wrapping Paper Pen or Pencil • Glue String or Thread Step 1: Draw out an egg template from any piece of paper and use the template to draw X10 egg shapes on your chosen material. Step 2: Cut out all X10 egg shapes and fold them in half. Step 3: Glue one-half of the egg shapes to one half of another shape and repeat until you get to the final shape.

I actually used some scrap wrapping paper I had left over from my godson's birthday.
I actually used some scrap wrapping paper I had left over from my godson's birthday.

Step 4: Once you get to the last shape, prepare your string or thread into a loop and glue into the centre of the top of the egg to make the hook. Step 5: Finally, glue the final two egg sides together to complete the 3D egg shape, leave to dry and hang around your home!

Enjoy! Please send me your photos if you make them on Instagram & Facebook with @RutlandBlog!

Charlie x

I filmed it! Watch the video...

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1 Comment

kim Thomas
kim Thomas
Apr 09, 2020

That’s so cool thank you for sharing , hidden talents showing up all over the place .

Forget Britain’s Got Talent it’s Rutland's Got Talent ☘️

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