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What we love about Rutland

In celebration of Rutland's 20th anniversary of independence we asked our readers what they love about our very special county, Rutland.

Here is what you said:

Lyn said:

It's a hidden gem. 📷

Wendy said:

That is doesn't have a McDonalds. 📷

Philippa said:

That there is so many activities to do, and that the people here are friendly.

Sue said:


Nick said:

The view across the water from North to south shore as I drive towards Stamford 

Strong sense of community & the great people that live, work, place & visit here, Outlanders are proud of their beautiful county.

Everyone is so friendly. And no graffiti or litter everywhere.

It's not full of twee weekenders, 2nd homers and metropolitan dogooders... Yet.

Rutland has always been my home so I just love it. It also happens to be very pretty and full of awesome people! #Rutland

Roger said:

It was the place where I was born and lived for the first 20 years of my life.

Eve said: Rutland Water.

James said: It's a rustic beauty

We want to know what YOU love about Rutland!

Let us know in the comments.



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