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Bedroom Decor, Second-Hand Finds & Shop Local Homewares

After moving house 4/5 times in the last two years, it's meant having any part of the house in order has been very short-lived. However, I've been collecting lots of pieces (on a budget of course!) to finally make our bedroom the relaxing little sanctuary it deserves to be while we make our current residence feel like home.

I love nothing more than combining my love for shopping small and bargain hunting when it comes to searching for home interiors. I also love shopping sustainably and grabbing second-hand treasures in and around Stamford and Rutland (or online!) wherever I can.

People are always asking me 'where do you find these things?', so I thought I'll pop a blog post together of exactly that! So you can discover some of the places I go to and the websites I look at when searching for homewares on a budget.

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1. 1960s Dressing Table - 99p from Brick Vintage on eBay Believe it or not, yes, this dressing table cost me the grand price of 99p from eBay. I spent a couple of months on the lookout for a retro dressing table for this particular spot in our bedroom and despite the fact I put a larger bid on this item on eBay, I managed to luckily scoop it up for just 99p. We drove to collect the item from Barnwell, less than 20 miles away, just a stone's throw from Oundle.

2. 3 Drawer Chest with Gold Detail - £45 from Tracey's Emporium in Uppingham I bought this upcycled chest of drawers last year from my favourite local second-hand small business, Tracey's Emporium in Uppingham. I regularly visit Tracey's showroom on Station Road in Uppingham and keep up to date with her Facebook posts to see what's comes into the emporium that I can re-home. Tracey has the most eclectic selection of furniture and homewares (both new and old) for your home and garden and her prices are always the most incredible value too. This chest is just one of the beautiful treasures I've purchased from Tracey over the years.

3. Green Velvet Storage Stool - £36.99 from Amazon Amazon is usually one of the very last places I look when searching for a piece of furniture/homeware, as I much prefer to shop locally or second-hand first.

But this little stool is perfect for the job and I love the storage element which I use to store my everyday makeup and beauty tools in, so they're easily accessible.

4. Superking Mustard Velvet Sleigh Bed - £389.99 from Barron Beds Do you ever use eBay to find small businesses to buy from? I do! It's one of my 'top tips'. I found Barron Beds via eBay in 2021 when searching for my dream mustard velvet sleigh bed in a supering size and I cannot recommend them as a company enough. Not only can you choose so many design options for your bed, but they're all handmade to order in the UK with fast and free delivery to your door too (you can also pay extra to have it assembled too).

5. Genuine Sheepskin Rug - from £10-£40 via eBay You can pick up genuine sheepskin rugs that range from all kinds of prices but I recommend checking eBay, which is where I bought this one from, as you can either bid or 'buy it now' for usually between £10-£40 per rug and they come in a range of sizes and styles too. But another place to keep an eye out for these is at car boots sales in the summer months!

Homeware & Accessories

1. Blue Vase Lamp - £10 from Tracey's Emporium in Uppingham Another one of my finds from Tracey's Emporium, this one I reserved via Facebook after spotting it on one of her uploads last year. I just need to find the perfect shade for it which I'm currently on the lookout for, however, it came with this neutral one which will more than do for now.

2. Blue & White Plates - £2 each from The Supper House I bought these beautiful plates from local business The Supper House at 'The Rutland Big Sale' last month for only £2 each and they're the perfect little trinkets for my jewellery and sleep oils.

3. Pink Bust Display - £5 from Olive & Wallis This was another 'The Rutland Big Sale' purchase from local jewellery brand, Olive & Wallis - which you might know best from Mango & The Moon in Oakham (home to The Happy Little Pop-Up Shop). I love this way of displaying some of my favourite necklaces and it's such a shame for them to spend so much time in the bottom of a jewellery box when I'm not wearing them.

4. Clean Laundry Reed Diffuser - £25.00 from Freckleface in Stamford This diffuser (which is the freshest smelling diffuser I've tried!) was kindly gifted to me at 'The Rutland Big Sale' from local home fragrance brand, Freckleface. Freckleface has a shop in Stamford and is also stocked in small businesses around Rutland too such as Rhubarb in Uppingham and Rutland Nursery near Manton to name just two.

5. Crystals, Abalone Shell & Palo Santo - from £3 from Haus of Botanica in Stamford If you love dried flowers, crystals and all things wellness and you haven't been to Haus of Botanica on St Pauls St in Stamford, then you must plan a visit! A dried florists and a gift shop full of beautiful items and my favourite place locally to pick up a new crystal to add to my collection.

6. Sleep Oil & Pillow Spray - from £10 from The White Company I always sleep with either a pillow spray on my bed linen or sleep oil in my electronic Neom diffuser (or both sometimes!) to help towards a relaxing night's sleep. I notice I sleep so much better (and get to sleep quicker) when I use either of these products and they also make wonderful gifts too.

So there you go! I hope this post has given you some inspiration on where to search and shop next time you're looking for a piece of furniture or homeware for your home.

Any questions about anything features in this post or the photographs, just drop me a message on Facebook or Instagram!

Much love,

Charlie x



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