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‘First Dates’ style dating event for adults looking for love in Rutland

Are you looking for love? Look no further, as Rutland's answer to ‘First Dates’ is coming to Oakham this May thanks to Rutland Real Dates by Daffodil Event Planning.

On 20th May, Rutland Real Dates will host an evening of blind dates at The Angler in Oakham as organiser and match-maker Chloë Kettle of Daffodil Event Planning welcomes locals on their journey to finding love.

Inspired by the hit Channel 4 series ‘First Dates’, Rutland Real Dates hopefuls can fill in the an online application form in advance (over 18’s only) before 30th April and the Rutland Real Dates team will work on finding a match ready for the evening at The Angler on Mill Street in Oakham on 20th May 2023.

Chloë Kettle of Daffodil Event Planning and Rutland Real Dates match-maker outside event venue The Angler, Mill Street in Oakham, Rutland | Photo Credit: Rutland Creative

The inclusive evening will welcome successfully matched adults of all ages and sexualities who can expect to wine, date and dine ‘First Dates’ style at The Angler in Oakham.

It’s free to apply and those who are successfully matched will purchase tickets at only £35 per person which include the Rutland Real Dates experience, a welcome drink and food from The Lucky Hoof at The Angler.

Guests will enjoy a drink on arrival and the Rutland Real Dates team will introduce the singletons who can get to know each other over a tasty menu from The Lucky Hoof.

Don’t worry about any initial first date awkwardness though, as Chloë and the Rutland Real Dates team have it covered with some icebreakers at hand.

Chloë says: “I am so excited to bring Rutland Real Dates to life at The Angler on 20th May. It’s something new and different for those in and around Rutland who are looking for love. A fun and exciting way to bring people together.

A few months ago, my friend Zoe and I were having a conversation about speed dating, and one evening I was watching first dates and thought, 'What a great idea!’ Let’s bring that to Rutland! From there, Rutland Real Dates was born.

Even if there aren’t any romantic relationships formed from the evening, I hope there’ll be some friendships made. I am also a wedding planner, so how lovely would it be to match a wonderful couple, but also be their wedding planner if it’s successful!

I would love for Rutland Real Dates to be an ongoing event for Daffodil Event Planning, being held every 3-4 months in a different location in Rutland. So matches aren’t made this time around, panic not, there is more to come.”

Apply to Rutland Real Dates online here and find out more information about the event via:

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