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Walking in Rutland

Did you know that May is 'National Walking Month' and in Rutland, we have the perfect surroundings for joining in with our stunning routes and views for you to enjoy when walking you're spoilt for choice.

In celebration and appreciation of 'National Walking Month', we thought we would share with you some great locations, routes and ways for you to enjoy walking around Rutland whether you're a beginner or a regular walker.

The first obvious location for a fabulous walk is Rutland Water which we sometimes take for granted as it is the perfect place to visit for a day out locally, a walking with the family or the dog and of course the ideal location and route for a cycle.

GPS Routes UK have a brilliant 24km route for a walk or cycle you can view/download here.

In and around Rutland we have many routes and rounds you can follow where can you start or finish wherever you desire and if you're lucky you'll find some gorgeous country pubs and stunning market towns along the way.

For example, The Uppingham Round is an 80 miles (approx) route which takes you through Nevil Holt, Gretton, Wing, Barrowden, Kings Cliffe just to name a few. A route which you will come across some beautiful views so remember your camera! If you'd like to find a detailed description of the 'The Uppingham Round' route which you could print our and follow click here.

For less extravagant routes there are many to choose from.

Egleton's Nature Reserve has a 2.5km path which branches off to many bird hides, and you can find more information here. There is also a route in Exton which takes you around the park and is approximately 1.3 miles and you can find more information here.

But it's not just off road walking you can do around Rutland, Uppingham and Oakham have their heritage trails which you can guide yourself around with QR codes and information points along the way, and learn more about Uppingham and Oakham's history and heritage.

There are also National walking routes around Rutland too. For example, The Jurassic Way which takes you across Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Oxon and Rutland and is approximately 88 miles long. You can view the route and find out more information here.

From 20th May to 26th May you can join the 'Rutland Round' of 65 miles in 7 days. You can view the course and meeting points here if you and your friends/family would like to join in.

If you wanted to join in on group walks locally you can visit the Rutland Ramblers website here who help locals enjoy walking around Rutland.

If you know any other walks you love and want to share them with our readers, then please leave information in the comment on this blog post or on Facebook or Twitter@RutlandBlog.



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