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My Favourite Social Media Accounts | #SocialMediaDay

Today is #SocialMediaDay and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share with you my favourite accounts to follow on Facebook & Instagram.

I've been on Facebook for over 10 years and I've been on Instagram since the early days in 2011 and social media has allowed me to create both my businesses, The Rutland Blogger and Rutland Creative. 

I'm a big believer in the fact social media can be a hugely positive place - it just needs to be used responsibly with our best interests at heart. My TOP TIPS for using Social Media positively:

• Unfollow or hide any account or post that makes you feel even in the slightest bit negative.

• Only follow and engage with accounts that make you feel inspired, positive or empowered.

• DID YOU KNOW? You can report any account you believe contains content that you feel shouldn't be on a platform and it will be reviewed by Facebook or Instagram and judges if they feel it breaches any of the terms.

Here is a list of my favourite accounts/businesses to follow onFacebook & Instagram and why...

Take a read!

Lifestyle & Bloggers:

1. Pretty Little Stamford Instagram @PrettyLittleStamford Sharing stunning photographs 'showcasing Stamford's beauty one picture at a time'. Each photograph show the town in a wonderful light and highlights some of the town unique features and also reveals hidden gems you might never have been noticed!

2. Be_Lavie Instagram @Be_Lavie

Bejal is a lifestyle, travel and sustainability blogger from Leicester who (similarly to me) shares a lot of her life through the grid of her Instagram. Bejal's post are so informative and her content is both honest, creative and so interesting. Whether it be about her travelling, her latest origami creations, her love or food and drink and much, much more.

3. Litter Free Rutland Instagram: @LitterFreeRutland

Dedicated to keeping Rutland free of litter and an ambassador for 'Keep Britain Tidy', @LitterFreeRutland's account showcases and highlights the importance on keeping our county tidy and also many ethical and sustainable changes and suggestion we can all make in our day-to-day life.

4. The Mindful Housewife Instagram: @TheMindfulHousewife

A local newbie on the Instagram scene but an account with a fantastic concept on eco-friendly content sharing tips and ways we can be mindful of being sustainable around the home.

5. Wonderful U Instagram: @Wonderful_U

I've followed Megan's account 'Wonderful You' for many years now. Megan is also local and based in the Market Harborough area. Her content features her life at home with her fiancé and 3 corgi's as well as her passion; beauty, fashion, health, wellness, home decor, gardening etc.

6. The Dairy Daughter Instagram: @TheDairyDaughter

Amy's account features her daily life on the family dairy farm in Leicestershire. Amy shares everything about the life of a dairy farmer with photographs and videos working with the animals and shares all the information and answers all the questions you may have about working as a young female on a dairy farm in rural England.


Local artisans sourdough bakes Ami & Lance have one of the most active Instagram accounts, and I love it! Ami shares fabulous content about the business, her family and day-in-the-life style posts/Instagram stories that give you a real insight into her life and behind the scenes of their passion for food, drink, lifestyle and of course... Sourdough! AD: Previously gifted 2. Rabbit Fuud Instagram: @Rabbit.Fuud

You might know Molly as a barista at Scandimania Coffee House. But online via Instagram, Molly shares her vegan recipes and creations via stunning photographs and cooking vlog style videos. Molly has a passion for tasty and nutritious food and her recipes are inspiring!


1. Rutland Girl Fashion Style Instagram: @RutlandGirlFashionStyle

Sallyanne is a local girl from Rutland and her Instagram account shares her style tips, her love for fashion, styling videos, her passion for vintage clothing as well as her beautiful home with decor styling and crafty home accessory creations too.

2. Chillies & Clothes Instagram: @ChilliesandClothes

Chet's 'styles old with new and trends with classics' and her passion for personal styling is obvious with her bold and beautiful styling photographs. Chet also shares her life as a busy Mum on her Instagram stories as well as life at home, her beauty favourites and sustainability content too.

Local Businesses: 1. Honeykins Vintage Instagram: @HoneykinsVintage

I've known Katie for around 5 years, Katie was the former manager at LOROS in Uppingham. Katie now owns Honeykins Vintage and her amazing vintage find have been sold online and at fairs until now! Katie is due to open Honeykins Vintage very own shop on Mill Street later this year.

Katie shares knowledgeable information about vintage fashion and history regularly on her Instagram stories and I absolutely adore learning about each unique fashion gem.

2. Don't Settle Petal Instagram: @DontSettlePetal

Earlier this year, Jody opened 'Don't Settle Petal' on Mill Street in Oakham. Not only is it the most beautiful florist I've ever seen but Don't Settle Petal has the most wonderful and unique selection of floral perfection including a dried flower bar, houseplants, candles and much more. Due to COVID-19, Jody has had to close her doors, however, she's moved the business online for the time being and you can purchase everything from houseplant sets to dried wreath kits and her social media account shares floral inspirations every flower lover will enjoy.

Megan's knowledge of the media and PR industry is next level! Her passion for tourism and all-things-rural is inspiring. Megan uses her social media to educate and inform individuals and business about to grow your business using her top tips!

Not only do I love shopping at Rutland Antiques & Art Centre but I love finding out more about the products, dealers and artists via Rutland Antiques accounts on social media. Mark & Diane do a fantastic job of support local businesses online as well as sharing interesting and informative information about antiques and arts through their social platforms. AD: Read the 'A Visit To' blog post feature from 2018 here:

Uppingham garden centre 'Welland Vale Garden Inspirations' are the account to follow if you want to keep up to date with the latest offers and arrivals at the garden centre. I love how active the centre is on social media and I find that the regular updates so useful for planning my visit to the garden centre.

Rutland Travel has been a great account to follow during COVID-19 as Krystian has kept us up to date with what's going on, how to book safely but also providing us with inspiration for future plans to travel. With 'staycations' the preferred travel option at the moment for the foreseeable future, Krystian has been sharing some wonderful travel options for staying in the UK. AD: Blog post coming soon...

A local business creating stationery and planners for women in business who's social media accounts are full of positivity, sharing quotes every other day that inspire me and make me smile! AD: Previously gifted

Local News:

I love following Rutland Radio on social media because If I'm in a situation where I can't physically listen to the station, I can check usually rely on refreshing my Facebook feed to keep in the loop with what's going on in the world of Rob Persani and the Rutland Radio crew!

A fabulous Facebook account is essential to those in and around the local area. The Mercury's Facebook Page is updated throughout the day with updates of recent news and article from the local areas.

Alicia is our local MP and has managed to create a helpful and informative social presence with regular updates and important information, as well as a way for residents and businesses to ask questions and voice the concern online.

Rutland Police do an amazing effort to keep their social media active and up to date with essential updates for those in the area to keep in the loop with crime updates and local information.

The quality of information that Uppingham Fire Station share on their social media accounts about the work of our local fire fighters is a very important and full of helpful, informative information which puts the health and safety first.


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