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8 local businesses I’ve been loving throughout COVID-19 | #ShopLocal

During lockdown, we've had to find new ways to #ShopLocal from home and support our local community of independent businesses as much as possible.

There has been 8 local businesses in-particular that I've been loving throughout lockdown for many reason.

Take a read...

1. The Kitsch Hen Caroline’s stunning hand-stamped biscuits have been a godsend throughout COVID-19 and has been my go-to for birthday gifts during lockdown. Caroline's unique biscuits are not only delicious but they’re stamped by hand with quotes, sayings or names and are a wonderful gift that is received by post. The Kitsch Hen’s website is so easy to use and enables you to #ShopLocal online whilst buying a thoughtful and tasty gift for your loved ones.

2. Two Chimps Coffee As you may already know if you follow me on Instagram (@rutlandblog), I love my coffee! Before the coffee shops were allowed to open, I’ve never been more grateful for my Two Chimps coffee subscription!

I’ve had the subscription (I recommend the mystery subscription!) for a year or so now and I love the convenience of it! I never have to remember to order my coffee, it just arrives in the post! Andy, Laura and the team are customer services goals and are always quick to reply if I have any questions, for example, with Tom and I both being at home 24/7 during lockdown and not going out for our coffee at Scandimania, the Two Chimps team updated my subscription from fortnightly to weekly so I was never without my favourite coffee!  #AD - Read the blog post here:

Get 10% OFF your Two Chimps Subscription with code: rutlandblogger

3. Welland Vale Garden Inspirations Welland Vale Garden Inspirations in Uppingham was the first ‘shop’ I visited other than the supermarket following the ease of lockdown. Annie and the team organised clear, simple and stress-free shopping experience for customers to feel as ‘normal’ as possible during their first return to shopping. I’ve visited weekly since the reopening and it has to be my garden centre of choice locally with everything from herbs, houseplants, outdoor plants, homeware, gardening tools, home accessories and even local gin!

4. Nortons & Sons Tom usually travels abroad a lot with work and I’m usually visiting clients all over the county, however during lockdown we’ve had a lot more free time being at home 24/7 which has allowed us to focus on DIY and home improvement of our little Victorian end terrace.

Norton & Sons Ironmongers has been a godsend and Mark and the team are always so helpful as ready to help with any questions I may have! I often take something along with me and ask Mark for his advice and with the new ‘service at the door’ system, Mark will head back into the shops and return with exactly what I wanted - even if I didn’t know quite what I needed myself! I always feel so comfortable heading over to Norton’s and asking for the most random things - which they always have!

I met Ami a year or so again - possible longer - and last year she introduced me to her Sourdough-king-husband Lance. Ami, Lance and family are the bakers and brains behind Bisbrooke Artisans and during lockdown I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being able to enjoy their sourdough creations which are made right on our doorstep.

I’ve bought my Bisbrooke Artisan Village Sourdough from Budgen’s in Uppingham for a while now (miniature loaves are also now available from Uppingham Fine Food & Home) and I love nothing more than being able to #ShopLocal in our town petrol station.

During lockdown, Bisbrooke Artisans also released their incredible Sourdough Pizza Kits which are also available from Budgens in Uppingham for £6.50 and they’re worth every single penny - plus, they keep in the fridge for 5+ days and you can also stock up and freeze them too! They’re a gut-friendly #ShopLocal pizza kit which is great for families and sourdough addicts.

6. Don’t Settle Petal Despite being one of the first shops to close due to COVID-19, Jody used the time to launch Don’t Settle Petal’s website to solve all our plant problems during lockdown with dried flower boquets, dried flower wreath kits, candles, houseplants sets and much more.

Being able to shop online and purchase gifts and plants locally (which Jody delivered on Tuesdays) was so handy and it was lovely to able to support Jody’s business despite the closure.

I purchase a dried wreath kits and a set of ‘The Romantics’ house plants.

7. Inviting Writing During lockdown, Vicky at Inviting Writing launched her Virtual Calligraphy Workshops which I took part in and thoroughly enjoyed! I’ve always wanted to get into calligraphy and Vicky’s patience to share her talented was an afternoon I absolutely love.

Vicky also created some amazing calligraphy stickers/decals during lockdown celebrating the NHS and the work of our posties. With rainbow window stickers which we’re placed on windows throughout Melton Mowbray and Rutland, as well as letterbox rainbow stickers, thanking our posties for their hard work during busy and challenging times.

Vicky’s work is so thoughtful and passionate and I love the way she uses her love of calligraphy to inspire others.

8. Fit For Life Power Walking Sessions Once we were able to social distance outside in public again, I was so excited to get back into my weekend power-walking sessions with Cornelius at Fit For Life.

I love spending my Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 10:00 am exploring the Rutland countryside on food power-walking with Cornelius’ Fit For Life Power Walking Club, at £5 a session it’s the best way to start a weekend and I love being outdoors and stumbling across the most beautiful views of our wonderful county #AD - Blog post coming soon…

Power Walking Sessions: 10:00 am Saturday’s & Sunday’s from Scandimania Coffee House • Duration 1.5 Hours • Price: £5.00 • Sign up:



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