My hypnotherapy experience with Fiona Murphy Transformational Hypnotherapy, Oakham

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Having struggled with trying to lose weight for a couple of years now, I'd come to realisation that the size 8-10 body of my teen years was gone for good. Although I'd found a happy balance with my mental health in recent years, my body confidence really had hit rock bottom when my weight had reached a spike. Since hitting my 20s, I'd put on quite a bit of weight over four year period (to a size 14-16) and despite my efforts, diets and exercise... It wasn't shifting.

With my body confidence becoming so low, my former love for fashion and beauty had disappeared and was starting to take toll on my mental health and I'd notice that my previous enthusiasm and passion to put together a fashionable outfit was non-existent. Friends and family had started to note differences from the 'old me' and I started to notice more and more negative changes that I felt it really was time I needed to focus on feeling happier in my own skin, starting with my weight.

Last year, I met Fiona Murphy, a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) from Oakham who preforms hypnotherapy for people struggling with a range of issues with anything from chocolate addiction to weight management. Well, we got talking about the success of RTT and how it changes lives of thousands of people with the specialist practice of transformational hypnotherapy. I was intrigued...

But before I go into more detail about my personal experience, I interviewed Fiona to find out more about RTT and her business,​ F​iona Murphy Transformational Hypnotherapy​.