Local friends to Run 6 Marathons in Sahara Desert in 6 Days

Local friends, Bruce Donald (44) and Tom Dove (27) are taking part in one of the worlds toughest challenges on 7th April in Sahara Desert called Marathon Des Sables.

But Marathon Des Sables isn't just any marathon, it's actually more than 156 miles, has 6 stages over 7 days. A long stage 52+ miles too. Runners with have to be self-sufficient but with water rations and will see temperatures of 50+ degrees centigrade.

Friends, Bruce & Tom are taking part in the 6 marathon challenge called Marathon Des Sables on 7th April 2017.

When Tom (27) told me he was taking part in this event all I heard was 'a marathon in the Sahara Desert' which baffled me. When he corrected me and said it was in fact 6 marathons in the Sahara Desert, I jokingly questioned his sanity.

After hearing all about Bruce and Tom's preparation for this mammoth event next month, I said 'I have to write a blog post about this, what an amazing things you're doing'.