A Visit to: Cowgirl in Couture, Oakham | #ShopLocal

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

I've been visiting Cowgirl in Couture for at least a year or two now, after a day out in Oakham with a friend, we bumped into the owner, Rachel and my friend introduced me and the showed me the designer boutique, which I have previously never even noticed before.

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

Since then, after discovering the little gem I've visited the shop (on Oakham's Mill Street) as much as I can and I've purchased some wonderful gifts including a vintage brooch, as well as a pair of Tom Ford aviator sunglasses for myself. So when Rachel got in touch about sharing the business on the blog, I was delighted!

You'll either know exactly where I'm talking about or have never heard of 'Cowgirl in Couture' before and if so, you're in for a treat!