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Costa is coming to Uppingham | 10.03.2017

Rumour has it coffee chain Costa is coming to Uppingham High Street this year.

However the majority of the locals aren't exactly ecstatic about its arrival to the mostly independent high street that Uppingham currently has.

Some feel our authentic county is being eaten by the brands and we'll see a decline in the support for our local businesses.

But what do you think?

RUTLAND #NEWS! Rumour has it coffee brand, Costa is coming to Uppingham. What are your thoughts on this? #SupportTheIndependents— The Rutland Blogger (@RutlandBlog) March 10, 2017

Should we be welcoming more brands and chains to our precious county or should continue supporting our local businesses and independent retailers of Rutland and be one of the only places still left in the country to not be saturated by the high street chains?


Kate sent us this on Facebook to confirm that the rumour is in fact true.

Will there be a huge welcoming for high street giant, Costa or will it be held afloat by the younger generation?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on social media: @RutlandBlog

We asked our followers on Twitter and Facebook and here's what they had to say:

@RutlandBlog @CharliePallett although I like a costa, my go to is ALWAYS and independent. It's just better.— Anxiety Warrior (@Anxiwarrior) March 10, 2017

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However, some feel it would be an improvement to what's currently available in the town.

Do you agree?

@RutlandBlog except Coppergate which has the worst service, arrogant staff and the coffees not even that great... it's more expensive too.— SuperRy (@SuperRy79) March 10, 2017


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