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A Visit to: Castle Car Care, Uppingham

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

If you've been down Station Road in Uppingham at all over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed something a little different... The all-new Castle Car Care! It's been months in the making, but Castle Car Care has a totally new look and I love it!

Since I moved into my first home in Uppingham in 2015, I've used Castle Car Care many times and I cannot fault their services or their prices!

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

Back at home, my Dad was always handy with cars since I passed my driving test when I was 17 so if I had any car worries, I'd just ask him! But now, living alone and with Tom working in London or abroad a lot, I found it so daunting to take my car to a garage. To be honest, as a girl in her early-twenties who likes cars but doesn't know anything about the mechanical stuff or technical terms, it was always a really intimidating thing for me to approach a garage.

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

This was until 2016, when I'd walk to my drive to find my car with an extremely flat tyre and I knew I couldn't take it far, so I called Castle Car Care and I instantly felt at ease. I start with explaining that I knew nothing about the car and John was on the other end of the phone and I felt comfortable right away. So since then, I've been going to Castle Car Care!

I now look forward to going to the garage, I'm not anxious in any way as I'm always greeted with a warm welcome and John and Ricky are happy to explain and show me what's wrong and what to do and offer tips and tricks so I learn more while I'm there.

But it's not just the incredibly friendly and helpful customer service that makes me choose Castle Car Care, it's the fantastic value too - and now you can even join their new loyalty scheme to save more (find out more in the interview below).

I interviewed John about the business, the new look and the plans for the future!

Take a read...

1. Thank you so much for inviting me down to see the all-new Castle Car Care! You’ve been located on Station Road in Uppingham for 15 years as a repair garage and 3 years as Castle Car Care, please tell us the background of the company… 

John: I started working at First-class tyre and Autocare in Uppingham in February 2004 as a manager, after 12 years of working for First Class Tyres the opportunity arose for me to for fill my ambition and dreams of becoming my own boss, thus purchasing the business and renaming it as Castle Car Care.  

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

2. Castle Car Care has been a business I’ve used myself since I moved to Uppingham into my first home 4 years ago. Please explain to us a little more about the services you offer at Castle Car Care… 

John: We offer a wide range of services from engine replacements, Cambelts and clutches, suspension, brakes, batteries, tyres, even down to bulbs and wipers this covers approximately 95% of all car repairs. 

We also undertake vehicle servicing such as full and intermediate service, Seasonal check and Air-conditioning service, Our MOT’s are done off-site but we will take care of all of the arrangements for you. 

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

3. The relaunch has been months in the planning and it’s fair to say that the new look really reflects the quality services you get when you visit Castle Car Care. How did the rebrand come about and why now?

John: The rebrand came about as we needed to become relevant and our old logo was dated and not in keeping with the times. The new logo design shows an outline of a vehicle which is in keeping with our business and the new colours represent the future, the imagination and dreams, of Castle Car Care.

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

 4. I popped down to give my car some seasonal TLC with your Winter Check offer which is a bargain at only £29.95 - we filmed the findings and I was both surprised and shocked by the results. Please explain a little more about the season checks and why they’re so essential…

John: The Seasonal check is essential because many of us lead busy and hectic lives and the car is the normally the last thing we worry about until it's too late, so the idea of the season check is keeping you abreast of any potential work required whether immediately or within the near future. I would recommend having a Seasonal check done during the summer and winter seasons thus keeping your car safe on the road.

5. Each time I visit Castle Car Care, I’m always so thrilled with the friendly and welcoming customer service and the thorough checks done to my vehicle and I genuinely find my experience at Castle Car Care the best value service I’ve ever experienced from a garage. Please explain to us the importance of the customer services given by yourself at CCC and what makes you’re different?

John: We care about every customer that walks (and drives) through our doors and truly believe in giving our customers the best information and advice that we can. We believe in going that extra mile to help our customers. We strive to give our customers the service that we’d like to receive ourselves. 

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

6. There are many new aspects to Castle Car Care following the rebrand, please tell us more about what news from CCC? - Including the loyalty scheme, car sales expansion and any other services… 

John: By joining our loyalty scheme, our customers can benefit from our unique offers only available to Loyalty Card holders. There are 2 forms of Loyalty scheme from Single car, which offers you a 50% discount on tyre tracking and Seasonal checks to Multi-car which offers you 50% off tyre tracking, Free Seasonal check and 10% off the price of an M.O.T

Your unique Loyalty scheme offers/discounts will be sent straight to your inbox. 

At Castle Car Care we have a selected range of affordable vehicles with Warranty from Auto protect and Finance options are also available upon request, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, this is something we can help with.

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

7. Thank you again for sharing the all-new Castle Car Care with us on the blog, it’s always a pleasure to visit the garage and I know I can give John or Ricky a call anytime for help with any of my car worries - so thank you!

Going forward, what are the plans for the future of Castle Car Care?

John: We want to build upon the customer base we have at present. As electric cars are becoming more popular and people are looking to become greener this is something Castle Car Care are looking at in the near future.

Castle Car Care

Tel: 01572 822 100 Email:

Castle Car Care Ltd, Unit 9 Fernie Court, Station Road, Uppingham, Rutland, LE15 9US Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 08.30am – 5.30pm / Saturday: 8.30am – 12.30pm


#ShopLocal Quiz: Love to Shop Independent

1. Favourite place for brunch/lunch? 

The Courtyard Deli in Uppingham

2. No.1 spot for an evening meal? 

 The Castle Inn in Caldecott

(Photography by Rutland Creative)

3. Where do you love to shop? 

 We like to repurpose things and hate taking items to landfill sights, that’s why we love to donate items to Charity shop and why we there we also browse the rails as you can fine some great items that other people discard at an affordable price, making our money go further. 

4. Perfect place for a day out with the dogs? 

5. Favourite fact about the area? 

Rutland is the smallest county in England it is closely matched by the Isle of White when the tide is in. Castle Car Care is situated on the old Uppingham railway line/Station.


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