My laser hair removal experience at Calveo, Oakham

Since January, I've been having laser hair removal treatment [gifted] at Calveo in Barleythorpe near Oakham. Calveo is located at The King Centre alongside Rutland Aesthetics and I was so pleased when Lorna and her team got in touch about working together, as hair removal is something I've always contemplated trying from a young age.

My hair type has always been a concern for me, as it grows thick, coarse and prominent on my upper lip, eyebrows, chin, legs and underarms. I can still remember despising PE at primary school as I was embarrassed about how my hairy legs looked compared to my peers.

Upper lip laser hair removal at Calveo in Barleythorpe, Oakham.

At secondary school (around age 11/12), I grew even more conscious of my upper lip. It became something others would mention, so I begged my Mum to take me to a salon for waxing. Since then, I've had my eyebrows and upper lip waxed regularly, having to have it done more often than most due to my hair type and the speed of regrowth.

When I first visited Calveo back in January, I was encouraged during my first consultation and test patch to hear Lorna explain I had the 'perfect' hair for the treatment. My paler skin tone and dark, thick locks is the ideal profile for their machine (named Lumi) to tackle. I was so pleased!