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My laser hair removal experience at Calveo, Oakham

Since January, I've been having laser hair removal treatment [gifted] at Calveo in Barleythorpe near Oakham. Calveo is located at The King Centre alongside Rutland Aesthetics and I was so pleased when Lorna and her team got in touch about working together, as hair removal is something I've always contemplated trying from a young age.

My hair type has always been a concern for me, as it grows thick, coarse and prominent on my upper lip, eyebrows, chin, legs and underarms. I can still remember despising PE at primary school as I was embarrassed about how my hairy legs looked compared to my peers.

Upper lip laser hair removal at Calveo in Barleythorpe, Oakham.

At secondary school (around age 11/12), I grew even more conscious of my upper lip. It became something others would mention, so I begged my Mum to take me to a salon for waxing. Since then, I've had my eyebrows and upper lip waxed regularly, having to have it done more often than most due to my hair type and the speed of regrowth.

When I first visited Calveo back in January, I was encouraged during my first consultation and test patch to hear Lorna explain I had the 'perfect' hair for the treatment. My paler skin tone and dark, thick locks is the ideal profile for their machine (named Lumi) to tackle. I was so pleased!

The Calveo clinic is light, bright and beautiful and somewhere you feel completely welcome. The subject area can be quite a difficult topic for some people but Lorna made me feel so comfortable that it didn’t feel daunting at all.

Meet Lumi - the laser magician machine!

The first thing people ask me when I mention I've had hair removal is 'I bet that hurts!' - well in actual fact, it doesn't 'hurt', it tickles! Every time Lumi's laser does its thing on my upper lip and chin area, I simply flinch a little because it just seems to tickle. 

The process itself is so quick (over in under 3 minutes) and don't worry about redness either as Lorna applies a soothing aloe gel so you can walk out on the clinic redness free and continue your day! The only other thing that happens during the laser treatment is the light smell of burning hair, but that's all good because it just means Lumi's laser has caught the area and the hair beds have been treated. But each and every session this happens less as there are fewer hairs to get. 

BEFORE: This photo was taken before I started laser at Calveo - read on to see the results...

After addressing the pain, people often comment 'but it's so expensive isn't it?' Wrong! Your hair removal treatment is a course of 6-8 laser sessions and once they're over, your hair is gone for good! Prices start from £40 a session and within 8 sessions, you're freed of your upper lip/chin fluff. 

I caught up with Lorna after my session to find out more about Calveo and the treatments they offer... Calveo has been based at The King Centre in Barleythorpe, Oakham for seven months - but what was the inspiration behind the business, the brand and the name?

Lorna: Cherise [Lorna's business partner] and I both come from business management backgrounds with over 20 years collective experience in the health and beauty industry. We met through our children at Brooke Hill Academy school and quickly realised we were both like-minded individuals wanting to start our own venture and bring something new to Rutland. The brand was carefully developed with the help of Scape Creative as we wanted to create a friendly, approachable and relaxed medi-spa feel to the clinic. Calveo is Latin for ‘be bald/hairless’’ which is perfectly apt for laser hair removal! The dandelion logo for us encompasses a collection of inspirations: a soft natural approach, dandelions simply blown in the wind as easily as hairs can be blown away. Also, dandelions have historically been associated with time and wishes!

I’m so excited to finally share with everyone the first half of my laser hair removal experience at Calveo but for our readers who aren’t familiar with laser treatments, Lorna please explain the process and introduce us to the wonders of Lumi...


Lorna: So, laser hair removal first and foremost is a permanent form of hair reduction. No more repetitive waxing, shaving or plucking! For optimum results a course of 6-8 treatments is required at 4-8 weekly intervals, (depending on the body area being treated). Treatments are spaced at these intervals to work alongside the natural hair growth cycle of the body, ensuring all hairs are effectively targeted. At Calveo we use the most advanced laser technology, the very latest gold standard Lumenis Light Sheer laser (or Lumi)... which is recognised as one of the best in the industry and most medically tested for safety and results. Lumi is also one of the most comfortable lasers on the market! Treatments are rapid with zero downtime.  

I’ve had treatment [gifted] on my upper lip and chin area, which have been areas of concern since my early teens. I was blown away by the speed of the treatment and how despite common belief, is not painful at all! What hair types and areas of the body can you treat for hair removal with Lumi?  

Lorna: The great news is that we can treat all skin types and hair types and all hair colours (other than white, blonde/grey hairs). The chill tip on the laser ensures the treatments are comfortable with our clients frequently telling us that it is far more comfortable than waxing! We treat all body areas, the most popular being face, bikini, backs and legs. 

SESSION TWO: Progress shot after just one session of laser at Calveo.

Calveo recently welcomed a new addition to the laser team … Cinderella! Since my RTT weight loss from hypnotherapy with Fiona Murphy, I’ve now got areas of excess skin and stretch marks on my stomach, arms and thigh area which are affecting my newfound confidence. Please tell us more about how Cinderella can help with removing stretch marks and toning skin... 

Lorna: We love the new addition to our team, the Venus Versa (or Cinderella, as we call it!) Calveo are proud to bring body contouring to Rutland, keeping in line with our ethos of investing in the latest technologies and securing the highest standards for safety and results whilst keeping treatments as natural as possible. The treatments are non- invasive and use Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields which work to tighten skin, reduce cellulite and melt stubborn pockets of fat. By targeting specific problem areas, fat cells are broken down and the dead cells are excreted out through lymphatic drainage. The treatment is safe and pain-free with zero downtime. A course of 6-8 treatments is needed at weekly intervals, with each treatment taking approximately 30 minutes. Popular treatment areas include arms (bingo wings) tummy (muffin top), love handles, thighs and buttocks, (and yes, we can offer a Brazilian bum lift too!) The results are a slimmer figure with a more defined shape. Just in time for summer!  

What other services are available at the clinic? 

Lorna: Dr Sunny Dhesi of Rutland Aesthetics shares the clinic space here with us at Calveo. We feel very lucky to have such a highly qualified doctor on site specialising in aesthetics and dermatology. Rutland Aesthetics offer bespoke treatment plans to restore, renew and rejuvenate skin including skin peels, wrinkle-smoothing injections and dermal fillers. The new machine 'Cinderella' also offers the latest 'Tribella' treatment for a completely non-invasive skin renewal treatment which is proving hugely popular in Rutland.

Calveo has become very popular with sportsmen and women, and especially those who compete in fitness and bodybuilding challenges and competitions. Therefore, the clinic has partnered with local gyms and businesses to offer discount/offers to new customers. Please tell us more about this... 

Lorna: Sports professionals are meticulous about results - the smallest detail can often make the biggest difference to performance and time is a precious commodity. Hair removal can often be a time consuming, laborious and repetitive chore and for some can often cause skin irritation. But for some sports professionals, removing hair can also prove to be a key factor to success: adding milliseconds of speed to swimmers and cyclists and giving time and assistance in Aesthetics for bodybuilders. Not to mention the maintenance for the average everyday gym users, coming in for a class or going for a dip in the pool. That's why laser hair removal is such a popular, effective choice, offering permanent results, no hassle or fuss with fast treatments and no downtime. We’ve had tremendous support from Rhinos Gym in Stamford -  owner and bodybuilder Nick Swan has had full body laser and is so impressed by the results. We also work in partnership with other local gyms such as Catmose Oakham, Anytime Fitness Corby, Snap Fitness Market Harborough and Buffmaster Boot camps. Some have even incorporated Calveo into their member benefits schemes which mean members receive a at least 20% discount off any course of laser hair removal treatment. 

The Calveo clinic is bright and welcoming with a friendly team.

Now with one year down, what can we expect from the future of Calveo and what should our readers look out for in the upcoming months?

Lorna: We are very pleased with how Calveo has been accepted in Rutland, we want to continue to offer the people of Rutland and surrounding areas our commitment to high quality, friendly professional service. From a welcoming, relaxed clinic, keeping the expectations of our clients at the forefront of our business. We always listen to the needs of our clients and any new additions will be included by popular demand. We will continue to try any offer competitive rates but always try and drop in a nice discounted offer when and where we can without jeopardising a quality service. We will hopefully continue to grow and work more closely with Dr Dhesi and Rutland Aesthetics to become the first and foremost skin specialist clinic in Rutland, offering a comprehensive, one-stop clinic for a whole body rejuvenation service. 

SESSION THREE: My incredible results just half way through my course of laser treatment at Calveo.

Thanks for chatting with me about all-things hair removal! Finally, what do you love about owning a business, living and working in the Rutland area?  

Lorna: It's super hard work running your own business but it's really rewarding when you are able to offer people a great service. We fell in love with Rutland. It's such a friendly, beautiful county with an array of great local businesses, shops and diversity, the county may be the smallest in the country (well at least 6 months of the year) but it certainly has a lot to offer! 


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#ShopLocal Quiz: Love to Shop Independent

I asked Lorna from Calveo a few things about where they like to #ShopLocal, take a read!

1. Favourite place for lunch?

Lorna: Suzy's Cafe at The King Centre. They have gorgeous homemade cakes, quiches and snacks, plus it's dog and child-friendly! 

2. Favourite Day Out?

Lorna: Rutland Water. I love the space and convenience of having such a beautiful landmark on our doorstep. It is great for the little ones and taking the dog for an early morning walk.

3. Where do you love to Shop?

Lorna: I have to admit I'm useless at clothes shopping and tend to do most of it online! 

4. Your favourite pub in the county?

Lorna: Our local, the Sun Inn at Cottesmore. Great home cooked food and open fires in the winter. It's also within walking distance! 

5. A local business you admire?

Lorna: I love Cowgirl in Couture on Mill Street, run by Rachel Steeples. The shop always looks beautiful and has lovely quirky designer goods which you can't find anywhere else.

6. Your favourite thing about Rutland?

Lorna: I guess it has to be the fact that Rutland is such a close-knit community that thrives on word of mouth. It makes it a unique place to live as everyone is so supportive of local business.

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