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Breakfast at Don Paddy's in Uppingham

In March, Don Paddy's (which is located in Uppingham Market Place) launched their all-new Brunch Menu. When I heard about this I thought that it was just what Uppingham needed and couldn't wait to give it a try.

Don Paddy's invited me down to do just that. I was so pleased when I saw the menu as it's a fuss-free tasty menu with something for everyone. You can choose from eggs on toast and add practically any topping. They have hash browns, bubble and squeak, breakfast wraps, pancakes and much more.

We began with an orange juice with ice and a slice which was just what I needed on a Saturday morning after the night before.

One thing I love about Don Paddy's is the atmosphere which you can guarantee is welcoming and relaxed whether you're there for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for drinks late in the evening. Don Paddy's is definitely my preferred bar/restaurant in Uppingham because of their fabulous selection of drinks and cocktails, great seasonal menus with delicious food (even for a fussy vegetarian like myself) and most of all, the staff. The staff are all always so lovely and make the whole DP's experience a joy.

Back to the food, I went for friend eggs on brown toast topped with smashed avocado and chilli. Last year I fell in love with avocados and now I can't get enough of them so when I saw this offering on the menu I couldn't possibly order anything else, and I'm glad I did!

Perfectly running eggs, warm toast and light avocado with a kick of chilli - it really was delicious. I'm so glad that we now have a place in Uppingham that we can come for a fresh cooked breakfast.

My partner went for fried eggs on white toast with bacon and tomatoes which he agreed was absolutely delicious too.

I'm already a Don Paddy's regular in the evenings but now I don't think you'll ever get me out of there with this new addition to my favourite place.

Don Paddy's brunch and breakfast is served from 9am to 11am everyday, if you've never been before it's located in the centre of Uppingham in the Market Place between Norton's and Sarah Harding Interiors.

If you do visit I would recommend you book rather than just drop in because it was very busy, and I can see this being a summer hit in Uppingham. If you go, let me know your thoughts and what you went for, I'm intrigued to know.



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