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An Introduction to: Two Chimps Coffee, Oakham

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I recently visited Two Chimps, a coffee company in Rutland. If you love coffee, then you're going to be very excited about the launch of their website, and the amazing range of coffee which they hand-roast in Rutland.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

The chimps invited me down to their Two Chimp Towers HQ a few weeks ago, to hand roast a batch of coffee with them - with Two Chimps roaster, named Rosie. It was a lot of fun and full of fun facts, figures and knowledge. I now know a lot about coffee, that I didn't before. The chimps really know their stuff!

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

There are so many things that prove the chimps are roasting coffee with technical skill, experience and a lot of care. The Two Chimps roast their coffee in small batches to ensure that when it arrives through your letterbox, it's at its freshest.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

With coffee from around the world, each batch of coffee is tested before roasting. Every time the chimps test the moisture content and density of the beans which allows them to predict exactly how they will roast during the roasting process, which helps creates their unique flavours.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

Throughout the roasting process, the beans are checked by the chimps regularly, each batch is roasted with a lot of love and care so the beans do not burn, or scorch - it's technical name. 

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

Rosie the roaster heats the beans in the drum before they develop at the first crack, which is a very important part of the process. You can actually hear the beans 'crack', an almost popping sound.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

Each part of the roasting process is focused around the smell of the beans. Where they smell similar to freshly cut grass and freshly baked bread for example.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

Once the beans have roasted to the chimps standard, they leave Rosie the roasters drum, and begin cooling. Which does look rather magical! This was my favourite part, seeing how the beans have changed in appearance, smell and flavour, it's amazing to watch.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

The beans stay in the cooling tray until completely cooled, while the air is pulled through them which allows the beans to stop roasting and holds their unique flavour.

The chimps then hand pour each batch of beans into their packaging pouches before they're sent to you by 1st Class Royal Mail. We asked Two Chimps some questions about their business, their coffee and of course, Rutland.

Here's what they said...

Thank you for inviting us down to Two Chimps HQ! It’s been so fascinating to learn about the world of coffee from experienced chimps. What made you want to start making and selling coffee in Rutland?

We have lived in the area all of our lives, so it made sense really. We found a space at Oakham Enterprise Park which suits us perfectly, so we didn’t need to look much further!

Meeting the chimps was so fun, what is the story behind the ‘Two Chimps Coffee’ brand name?

We wanted our coffees to come across in a fun and playful way, to be enjoyed the way the customer wants to drink it. Sure, we offer our suggestions for making each coffee on the label, but you can enjoy it any way you like!

The two chimps were born from this. What is more fun and playful than two chimps?

You have many different coffees to try all with unique names and flavours. Please can you tell us about each of your coffees and what gives them their unique flavour?

We have six coffees available at present. These are all single origin coffees, which means the coffee has not been blended with any other coffee. This allows the flavour profile of each coffee to speak for itself in the cup.

Our coffees have been created around the times of the day that coffee can be enjoyed. For instance, our morning coffees have a big kick of acidity to get you started. Our all day coffees are moreish with subtle notes of chocolate for instance and our evening coffees include a decaf and a mellow, familiar and comforting coffee from Honduras. All of our coffees have been sourced from different parts of the world, keeping their time of day for drinking in mind. The area where the coffee is from, along with how it was processed and roasted all give the coffees their unique flavours in the cup.

Your website has just launched and we love it! Your website includes a special feature to help you choose which Two Chimps Coffee is the one for you. Can you tell us more about it and where our readers can find it?

Sure. We introduced a coffee finder on our website to help customers choose the ideal coffee for them, based on when it is drunk, along with how it is made. It can be found at the bottom of our home page or from the main menu.

(Photo Credit: RUTLAND CREATIVE/The Rutland Blogger)

Your coffee is stocked in some local cafés and hair salons, but you can also purchase a subscription from your website. Can you tell us about where we can find your coffee and the information about your subscription and how much it costs?

If you are looking to purchase fresh coffee to drink at home, we will be at Melton FarmersMarket every Tuesday and Friday for 5 weeks brewing up some samples, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’. We will be appearing in other places too… watch this space! We hand roast in small batches and grind to order to offer tailor made subscriptions available through our website. With the choice of different weights and frequencies, not only will you never run out of coffee, but more importantly, the coffee is at its freshest.

Subscriptionscost £8.95 for 250g of coffee, delivered free by 1st class post.

We have an offer of 10% OFF if you enter Discount Code: ‘rutlandblogger’ at the cart.

Our favourite of your coffees in ’Time Flies Chimps Don’t' and take it everywhere with us in an on-the-go coffee cup. We’d love to know which of your coffee selection is the chimps favourite?

We love MorningGlory and Pyjama Party! They are all great (even if we do say so!), but these two have an unexpected element of surprise.

Thank you for having us and showing us around Two Chimps HQ. We’ve fallen in love with the chimps and their coffee. What can we expect to see from Two Chimps in the future?

As our coffees are fresh, once they have gone, that’s it. We will be replacing these for similar coffees, and be adding specials along the side of our existing lineup as time prevails.

Follow us on any social media site to be in the know before anyone else!

Head to the Two Chimps website now and use the 'Coffee Finder' (click here) to take a quiz to find out which of their coffees the chimps recommend for you!

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