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A Visit to: Mini Monsters Soft Play, Oakham

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

When I visited Mini Monsters Soft Play Area in Oakham I was surprised such an amazing place existed in Rutland, one I had not yet heard of. I visited with my godson, Edward who is 17 months old. We arrived with a couple of friends joined us with their children to so we could try Mini Monsters out for ourselves.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

The play area is perfect for children of ages zero to seven, with a toddler and baby area as well as the rather incredible soft play climbing area which consists of many levels and includes slides, ball-pits and more.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

I truly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and calm feel Mini Monsters has, as well as the fact adults can  either enjoy a chat with other mums and dads or join in with the play first hand, and have fun in the soft player area themselves - I even had a few goes down the slide!

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

Mini Monsters has a huge car park, which is super handy if you've got a baby, more than one child or a pushchair. The play area is very spacious with many seating arrangements with tables, chairs and sofas too. 

One of the things that really impressed me about Mini Monsters was the owner, Angela's focus on healthy, homemade food for the children and adults who visit. She also now stocks coffee by the local coffee company, Two Chimps - who we also wrote a blog post about.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

We asked the owner, Angela some questions about her business and the story behind Mini Monsters, and here is what she said...

We really enjoyed spending the morning at Mini Monsters, thank you for inviting us! We’d love to know the story behind Mini Monsters and why you started a soft play area for babies and young children in Rutland?

Mini monsters started 6 years ago but not by me. I purchased Mini Monsters  3 years ago from the previous owner.  At the time it was the complete change in career for me as I had worked in financial services for over 20 years but needed more flexibility in my work ( because of my disabled son ), I had always loved mini monsters and felt we could make it a better place and hope we have.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

Mini Monsters is a great place for parents to bring their children and a safe place to play, open all week - whatever the weather. Please tell us more about Mini Monsters and things that make Mini Monsters unique?

Mini Monsters is open 7 days a week to the public (other local soft play are only open to parties on a Sunday). We offer parties in various options from Baby parties, to Kids parties, after school parties, exclusive parties all with full use of our party room decorated in pirates and princess themes. Prices from only £6.50 per child. We offer discounts for child minders, the military, twins and triplets and also have a loyalty card which offers a free entry once completed. We offer a full menu of healthy food No Chips!! which most parents love but some don't. All our food is made to order nothing is prepared which means everything is fresh, we offer Homemade Bolognese, homemade salmon fishcakes, homemade Pizza as well as pasta, sandwiches and jacket potatoes. For the adults again we offer a full menu with jacket potatoes, Paninis, baguettes, and fresh salad. Our goat's cheese and Mediterranean vegetables with homemade coleslaw is a firm favourite.  We recently started stocking Two Chimps Coffee, ( thank you for the referral) Hambleton Bakery Muffins and of course, the Rutland cake company supplies our Large cakes and home make our own tray bakes, Flapjack rocky  Road etc. We have the lovely Sarah coming in to doing her Spanish Class (bilingasing), Dinky Dancers (free with entry) Julie Bikerton doing baby massage. Later this year we will be offering Monsters Day care we will offer parents the opportunity to drop off the child for two hours with our fully qualified Nursery Nurse with over 8 years experience for a two hour play. Giving the parents chance to do things they find difficult to do with their little ones, ie doctors, hairdressers or a lovely lunch with friends.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

You have a huge seating area for children and parents but you also have two areas of soft play, please tell us more about them?

We have two areas of play one for the under 2's and one for over twos. They sit side by side so with parents with children of multiple ages watching both is not a problem. The under two area has a slide and mini ball pit as well as lots of toys to keep the little ones entertained. The recently including a Jumperoo is a firm favourite with our little ones. The over two-year-old area three story structure, has a large ball pit, a big slide, a dizzy disc on the top floor as well as tunnels bricks and lots more.

We visited Mini Monsters will children from ages 5 months to 3 years old and all the children could play together, I think that is a really special part of what makes Mini Monsters many parents favourite place to take their children. What is your favourite thing about your business?

My favourite bit about monsters is seeing everyone having fun parents and kids together and coming back time and time again. I have met so my friends through mini monsters that I would never have known without it. We are so upset when someone doesn't enjoy their experience with us and will also act upon any feedback good or bad.

Thank you again for inviting us to check out your amazing soft play area, it really is a special place for parents and children to visit. What are the future plans for Mini Monsters and where can our readers find you and do they need to book their visit?

We have a website and Facebook Parties need to be booked in advance so will the child minder service but Mini Monsters is open to the public without booking in advance just turn up and have fun.

(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative/The Rutland Blogger)

Unit 1-2, Long Row Business Park/Long Row, Oakham LE15 6RR

T: 01572 756811

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Sunday: 9:30am - 3:00pm

(Please note: This post contains sponsored content)



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