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A Sunday in Rutland in Photos

Weekends are the time I'm most thankful for living in such a stunning county surrounded by gorgeous countryside. The weekend is the time of the week that I get to enjoy it properly and spend a lot of time with my partner and friends walking our beloved dogs.

Before lunch at THE MARQUESS OF EXETER in Lyddington.

Before lunch at The Marquess of Exeter in Lyddington.

On this particular Sunday, a celebration was in order for my Godmother's 50th Birthday (not that she looks a day over 30!). We began the morning with a meeting point in Stockerston just outside Uppingham for some prosecco and sloe gin to sip before we began our long walk through the Rutland countryside.

With dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes patiently (and impatiently in my Pug, Arla's case) waiting to start their walkies.

1 year old Pug, Arla.

Wire hair Pointer, Lotta.

Ricky & Fiona's beautiful Beagles.

Rusty, the ex-working Cocker Spaniel will be celebrating his 10th birthday next month.

We finished the hour long walk and headed for lunch at one of my favourite places, The Marquess of Exeter in Lyddington. Stopping first at their Deli Shed for some muled wine to warm us up.

The Marquess is one of my favourite pubs and restaurants in our area. I love the cosy feel, welcoming staff and the tasty food. Being a vegetarian I sometimes struggle to find something that takes my fancy on a pub menu, however I always know The Marquess' menu will feature something I'd love.

As there was quite a party of us joining The Marquess organised a pre-arranged set menu for us of stew and dumplings, and linguine for the vegetarians.

It was super tasty!

The Marquess' Chef created one of the most beautiful cakes for Lisa's birthday which had slices on peach inside which I'd never had before, and it was one of the most moist and fluffy cakes I'd ever eaten.



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