My Week: 5th August 2018

7 August 2018
August is normally one of my favourite months, as it reminds me that we're nearing the colder stages of the year and I absolutely adore Autumn and Winter. It's not that I don't enjoy summer, I just prefer the seasons and the festivities of August through to December.
However, at the moment the heat wave seems to be staying put, for now anyway!

This past week I've been doing a lot it seems (which I didn't realise until I uploaded all of these photos... There was 30 in total) and it began with a walk in one of my favourite places, Harringworth.

If you read my 'Who is The Rutland Blogger?' post you may know that I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in Harringworth which help sculpt the county-loving-bumpkin I am today!

This particular walk in Harringworth you can access from the village itself or from the green lane on the road from Shotley to Wakerley. It follows the River Welland and features stunning views of the viaduct and the walk starts at a bridge my brother and I used to call 'poo-stick bridge' growing up.

A view from Harringworth.

A Visit to: SINGS! Choirs, Oakham & Stamford

4 August 2018
I recently met Brooke Peverell, the director and brains behind the weekly choirs in Oakham & Stamford called SINGS! Brooke is a talented singer, pianist, and teacher with a passion for business and being her own boss. She has combined all of her interests and passions into her Choir groups, SINGS!

Oakham SINGS! at Braunston Village Hall
(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative)

My Week: 29th July 2018

29 July 2018
When I first started blogging, which was just over 4 years ago now, I used to share 'what I'd been up to' blogs and I even vlogged (video blogging) on YouTube sharing weekly vlogs of my daily life. Since I began 'The Rutland Blogger', the blog itself has been more about sharing local business and upcoming events. Well, as the blog grows and the more readers I meet I realise that what I get up to in my spare time might be of interest (or it might not, but let's give it a go!).

My favourite mug from Stubbs Mugs.

The Rutland Summer Holiday Guide

27 July 2018
The summer holidays are here and other than you actual summer holiday abroad, sometime it can be difficult to plan things to do with the kids. So, I've put together a Summer Holiday Guide for parents in and around Rutland which gives an easy to follow list of places to go with the family!

(Don't forget you can follow the monthly 'What's On Guide' for each month here so you don't miss out on any events, fetes, live performances etc)

What to do during the Summer Holidays with your children in and around Rutland!
(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative)

Coffee Shops in Uppingham #StayIndependent

23 July 2018
Uppingham is a stunning town with mainly independently run shops, restaurants, hotels as well as, so many wonderful coffee shops! The whole reason I started this blog about Rutland was to celebrate and support all the wonderful independent businesses we have around the county. So, I thought why not share a post about the independent coffee houses and lunch spots in Uppingham that you each need to visit whether you're a Rutland resident or visiting the area because they're all pretty special in their own way.

Eat Drink Shop Uppingham #StayIndependent
(Photo Credit: Rutland Creative

What's on in Rutland: July 2018

6 July 2018
Summer is here and the sun is shining in Rutland. It's a busy month in our county with many family friendly events happening all over, so get your diary out and make a note of all these amazing events.

There's village fetes, open mic nights, antique valuations, charity nights and even a pirate party!

Please Note! More information regarding promotions and events will be added as we hear about them!

20/49 Classic Car Club Returns to Rutland

15 June 2018
On 7th June I visited the Rutland village of Barrowden for the return of the annual 20/49 Car Club which I have visited for many years. My mother grew up in Barrowden and my father's and brother's hobby involves doing-up classic cars, so this event is quite the family affair! 

The popular annual event returns with car enthusiasts gathering to appreciate vintage motoring.

What's on in Rutland: June 2018

24 May 2018
Summer is very nearly here and there are events happening all around the county in June! We've listed them all together so you know how to plan your calendar with the family, making sure you don't miss out!

Find out what's on in and around the county for June, with fun for all the family.
Note: Events will be added to this page as we hear about them
Email and tell us all about a local event or event in Rutland you're hosting and we'll feature it on our page and tell our readers about it!

Please Note! More information regarding promotions and events will be added as we hear about them!

Who is The Rutland Blogger?

19 May 2018
I've thought about writing this post for a while and I've been nervous to write something this personal, but I think it's the right time and I write this as a huge thank you for everyone who allowed me to turn all of my passions into a business.

It has always amazed me that there are a few thousand people read this blog, but who am I?

For those who do not know, I'm Charlie! Most people are surprised to learn that I am 23 and originally from down the road - just over the Rutland border - in the village of Harringworth. As a child, I went to Leighfield Primary School in Uppingham and then onto Uppingham Community College in 2006.

I enjoyed school, although at the age of 14 I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and school became a challenge due to suffering from depression and anxiety. But I proudly passed all my GCSE's with A-C grades with the support of my incredible teachers and the staff members at UCC.

I then went to QE College in Leicester, where I studied Graphic Communication, Photography and Business Studies. I loved every second of my two years at QE which flew by and my time there really helped me realise what I enjoyed in life and what I wanted to do following our exam results, which might surprise many but my goal was to own my own house in Rutland and I chose not to go to university.

Just a 20-something year old who loves where she lives.

What's on in Rutland: May 2018

3 May 2018
It's kind of scary how fast we've got her in 2018, but believe it or not, it is May!
The month where the weather picks up (hopefully), the sun shines, the days are bright and there are plenty of events and occasions happening in and around Rutland.

Please Note! More information regarding promotions and events will be added as we hear about them!

What's on in Rutland: April 2018

2 April 2018
Spring is here and it's now April! With Easter done and more events planned across the county I've put together another 'What's on Guide' for you with all the must-hear-about events on around the county for you and your family to enjoy!

Please Note! More information regarding promotions and events will be added as we hear about them!

An Interview with: Tree's Home Help, Rutland

30 March 2018
Tree Gillions (31) from Oakham owns a home help company, Tree's Home Help which offers services to the vulnerable, lonely and elderly around Rutland and surrounding villages. Tree's aim is to help their clients maintain their independence with Tree's help and care.

But Tree isn't just a carer who fell in love with the work she does, Tree has a disability herself and is proud of being 'the only disabled home support carer in Rutland' - and possibly in the whole of the UK! I was extremely inspired by Tree's story and her passion for the job she says she 'was meant to do' and I'm so pleased I was lucky enough to meet such an incredible person who helps others despite having a disability herself.

I met with Tree a number of times to find out more about the services she offers such as; home support, cleaning, companionship, chaperone, personal care, errands and shopping, liaising with agencies and social services, assistance with paperwork and finances and much, much more!
See the full list of services on Tree's Home Help website here!

I asked Tree a few questions about her business and what it means to own a business in Rutland helping Rutland residents. Find out what we asked Tree and what she had to say about her wonderful business which helps assist those in need...

Tree Gillions the owner of Tree's Home Help
(Photo credit: Rutland Creative)