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This month marks the second birthday of 'The Rutland Blogger/Rutland Blog' and to be honest... I can't quite believe it!

Back in 2017, the creation of the blog was a spontaneous idea I had one afternoon and looking back, I was completely unaware of the magic that was about to unfold for the next two years.

I've lived in the area my whole life and from a very young age I wanted two things; to own my own business and to own my own house...

Now 24, I have both of those things and one of the most important things about both of those achievements is that I have my upbringing in Rutland to thank for that.

I fell in love with our unique countryside and the tiny little county we call home. Creating, designing and writing a blog filled with everything I love about Rutland is honestly a complete joy. We're blessed to be surrounded by so many things we all take for granted and I want the blog to be a place that we champion all of that! Like independent businesses, special events, history, education, talent, creativity and so much more...

I have been given the opportunity to work on so many amazing things, like judging Burghley Horse Trial Trade Stand and being featured on BBC Newsbeat flying the flag for Rutland. As well as the chance to work with some truly inspirational people and some of those have become very dear friends.

Blogging has been a passion of mine for 5 years, but it's something I thought I could only dream of becoming a career. In October 2018, alongside my graphic design and media company, the blog became my full-time job and most days I still pinch myself that I'm able to call this all a 'job' and do what I love.

In 2019, I have some very exciting things planned for the blog and a fantastic of upcoming content lined up that I cannot wait to share. But first, the redesign!

I've spent months putting this new look together to give the readers of the blog a more interactive, fun and enjoyable place to come to love and learn things about our wonderful Rutland! The redesign felt like a long time coming, however now I can only thing that February 2019 is nothing other than the perfect time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who's followed me on this crazy journey and to everyone who's ever read the blog liked my Facebook posts, followed me on Instagram or taken the time to send me an email to say 'hi'! But most of all, I'd like to thank the incredible business owners who've chosen to contact me to join me on my journey and who've worked with me to share their business on the blog. You've become friends and allow me to call this my job - it's crazy!

Finally, thank you so much and enjoy having a look around the brand new blog!

Thanks again,

Charlie x

'Multum in Parvo'



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