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Pumpkin Picking at Hill Farm, Chesterton

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Just 20-25 minutes from Uppingham, on what looks just like a normal farm, you'll find a real hidden gem and it's called Hill Farm in Chesterton near Peterborough. Which has become quite the annual occasion for us to visit every October, as we go pumpkin picking!

There are different areas of the field where you can pick the pre-picked pumpkins or those still growing.

This year, I took my godson as he's now old enough to pick his own, ride in the wheelbarrow, play on the park and enjoy this country-bumpkin style Halloween activity with me.

Hill Farm is a great place to visit whatever your age and even though I'm twenty-something, I look forward to it each year. It's a working farm which is open throughout certain months of the year as a 'pick your own' farm with everything from strawberries to squashes but each October you can visit to pick the perfect pumpkin!

There is plenty of parking and even birds of prey! As well as a play area and it looked like some families had brought along picnic too and made a real day of it. But the farm does have their own coffee shop, toilets and other amenities for you enjoy to make your visit the perfect day out with the family.

I recommend bringing your wellingtons, just in case and if you've got little ones, prepare for a little walk to the pumpkin field - the wheelbarrows come in handy with that though! But even the walk to the field is fun-filled with the farm set out with little Halloween displays including the 'Hill Farm Ghostbusters', ghosts hanging from trees, a pumpkin trail, model graveyard and much more.

Each year there are birds of prey which you can have the opportunity to hold if you wish.

You can pick as many pumpkins as you like and if you don't fancy a walk to the field, there is already some freshly picked at the shop for you to choose from. The prices start from around £1 with even some mini munchkin pumpkins too! When you visit the field to pick your own, you return to the shop with your wheelbarrow and each pumpkin you've chosen is measured and priced by size but on average they are just a few pounds.

The play area/park has something for children of all ages with swings, monkey bars, slides, balancing apparatus and even a little farm cut out for your to take funny photographs in. There is plenty of bench seating too, but many had bought a picnic blanket too.

The shop also features a selection of other kinds of pumpkin and squashes some for decoration and some to each, carve or decorate! As well as prepicked fruit and vegetables, oil, apple juice and other items grown or made on the farm.

Each year I visit Hill Farm it makes me realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by farming and all these unique activities we get to be able to do because of the gorgeous countryside.

Find out more about Hill Farm...

Hill Farm, Oundle Rd, Chesterton, Peterborough PE7 3UA

Opening hours:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm

T: 01733 233270



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