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EXCLUSIVE: Witham Wines launch alcoholic Sparkling Elderflower Infusion

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Witham Wines is an artisan winery and makers of sparkling wine, ran by the Ruigrok family in South Witham, Lincolnshire, which is where their beloved elderflower used to create their signature alcoholic beverages is also harvested.

Today, Witham Wines are excited to announce their new product exclusively on the blog... As I'm equally excited to announce that I am one of their Brand Ambassadors alongside local chef and former Masterchef contestant, Simon Spooner and local wine journalist and enthusiast, Jess Lamb.

Witham Wines have spent month perfecting their product and the latest addition to their line, an alcoholic Witham's Sparkling Elderflower Infusion made with English spring water. Produced in their Lincolnshire Winery at a respectable 3.5% ABV and is also Gluten Free and Vegan. 'Infused with Love' Sparkling Elderflower Infusion by Witham's (Witham Wines) launches throughout Lincolnshire Cooperative stores this week.

Witham Wines launch Witham's Sparkling Elderflower Infusion.

Witham Wines has a clear, strong brand, sourcing locally where possible. The design process has been a collaboration between local businesses graphic designer, Rutland Creative and calligrapher, Inviting Writing. Both worked together to create a clean, crisp, unique and modern design for the Sparkling Infusion Collection which focuses on the key differentiators of the brand. Incorporating the brand's new distinctive icon, a handwritten 'W' by a local calligrapher, Inviting Writing

You can purchase Witham's Sparkling Elderflower Infusion online here and in Lincolnshire Coop's from today!

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