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Changes to Uppingham Parking on Gainsborogh Road & Seaton Road

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

On Thursday (2nd March 2017) contractors are set to begin work on two of the main non-pay and display parking spots in Uppingham, on Gainsborough Road by Tod's Piece and Seaton Road near the cricket field.

Uppingham Town Council posted the statement yesterday on their website following a request from Rutland County Council to make those who park their regularly aware of the changes.

The changes will mean that white marking will now allocate parking bays, which research has shown should provide between 6-8 additional spaces.

Work will begin in the morning of 2nd March on Gainsborough Road and in the afternoon on Seaton Road, Uppingham.

But where can you park while the work is being done? Well, panic not!

Apparently, "Cars will be leafleted and messages will be put out on social media to ask those using the bays to vacate the location to allow work to be done. To assist with the knock on effect of moving the vehicles away from Gainsborough Road and Seaton Road - the 2 hours/residents permit parking will not be enforced in town. Enforcement will remain in place for the 'pay for' car parks and the Market Place".



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