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As the Snow hits Rutland!

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

As the snow falls and the freezing temperatures plummet around Rutland, it's been go-go-go at Rutland Blog HQ (my office at home) this week. We've been attempting the travel to Corby from Uppingham each day for my partners commute to his job in London. If you follow the blogs Facebook Page (click here) you'll know all about this! I cannot explain how positive the response has been from all our loyal readers and the increase of engagement on my social channels.

I've had nearing 40,000 views on one video, over 400+ new Facebook followers and a number of thankful emails from readers who've been enjoying my updates and dedication to informing the residents around Rutland and I'm very thankful for all your support.

Today, my partner and I jumped in our Defender and headed around Rutland to take photographs around the county after the increased winds overnight... Take a look below and see the captions for where we headed to around the county and what we saw! 

Also, find some of our amazing readers photographs below that were sent in by you!

I just want to take this moment to thank you all for your support and want to encourage you to stay safe and only travel if you need to around Rutland. If you have any photographs, videos, information etc that you think we should hear about please message us on Facebook or email:

Thank you!




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