"Putting Rutland back on the map."
- The Rutland Blogger

Hi! I'm Charlie - AKA The Rutland Blogger - and I live in Uppingham with my long-term boyfriend and our two Pugs, Arla & Otis. I've been in the Blogging world for 4 years, when I fell in love with the blogosphere after I started my Blog www.styledbycharlie.com in April 2014.

Since starting my first blog, 'Styled by Charlie' I've been lucky enough to travel to some amazing events around the country, work with many incredible brands and even be a Blogger Award Finalist in the Beauty Blogger Awards 2015 and 2016.

In August 2015, I began writing for Metro.co.uk for their Blog which is one of my proudest achievements. I even wrote a post for Metro called "10 things you'll only know if you grew up in Rutland" which received over 7.6K shares.

In September 2016 I also launched www.dailyfocal.com. A blogging platform was written by my amazing team of Bloggers from across the world, who wrote a number of articles for 'Daily Focal' across a huge amount of topics and was posted daily at 6am.

I grew up in Harringworth, a tiny village just over the Rutland border in Northamptonshire. However, going to school in Rutland until my late teens I've always wanted to live in the heart of the county and be the big Rutland fan that I am. So, in December 2015 my partner Tom and I bought our first house in Uppingham, Rutland and I've since fallen further in love with the tiny county we live in.

In February 2017 with my current two blogs in hand, I felt that I wanted my roots to be more involved with my passion for blogging and to celebrate the rural area and local businesses and to bring my love for Blogging home.
'The Rutland Blogger' was born!

I want this blog to be a place where locals can turn to for restaurant reviews, introducing the readers to local independent businesses and shops they might not yet have heard of, or where they can find out 'What's On' locally in Rutland and as well as being somewhere county visitors can come for ideas of 'What to Do' while in gorgeous Rutland!

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Charlie Pallett from Uppingham, Rutland.

Portrait by Amanda Forman - www.amandaforman.co.uk