My Week: 29th July 2018

29 July 2018
When I first started blogging, which was just over 4 years ago now, I used to share 'what I'd been up to' blogs and I even vlogged (video blogging) on YouTube sharing weekly vlogs of my daily life. Since I began 'The Rutland Blogger', the blog itself has been more about sharing local business and upcoming events. Well, as the blog grows and the more readers I meet I realise that what I get up to in my spare time might be of interest (or it might not, but let's give it a go!).

My favourite mug from Stubbs Mugs.
I share a lot on Instagram, which is my favourite social media platform and has been for over 6 years now and the local use of Instagram is growing rapidly too. Thinking about that, it inspired me to start this series of 'My Week' where I plan to share my week with you all in a relaxed written post about what I actually get up to around Rutland!

I hope you like the concept and enjoy reading about what I actually spend my spare time doing - which will involve lots of food, drink.. and lots of coffee!


My week started how most do, with a black americano in my favourite mug which you'll find me sipping at around 7:00am at my desk where I begin planning the week ahead. As it has been an exciting week of blog posts and my most active week of posts for a while actually. The first, 'Coffee Shops in Uppingham #StayIndependent' which had an incredible response and was an idea I've had in planning for a few months.

With the help of local business owners, I put together a celebration of the local cafés and coffee shops which are independently run in Uppingham and with quotes about why we love each one uniquely!

£1 vinyls bought from Rutland Antiques & Art Centre.
 One of the businesses who kindly provided a statement for me to include was Rutland Antiques & Art Centre which is located on Crown Passage in Uppingham. Ran by Mark, Diane and their team it really is a wonderful place (find the blog post here) where you can find anything and everything.

I popped in earlier in the week to have a browse through their extensive record collections. Mark has put a box together of £1 records and all the money raised from these boxes is being donated to Age UK on the High Street.

I bought two; Culture Club and 16 Classic Love Songs!

A summer smoothie from Javawocky.
It's been possibly the hottest week I've ever experienced in Rutland and at times I was wishing the sun away, which I'm not regretting as the rain pours outside!

On Thursday, I bought a delicious summer smoothie from Javawocky which was the only thing I'd had that day that managed to cool me down and it was delicious.

Girls night at Mill Street Pub & Kitchen.
On Fridays, I like to spend time with my family and friends. This week my partner was in London for a work party so it was time for a 'girls night' in Oakham with my friend Helen.

Two martini's, please!
We decided to head over to Mill St Pub & Kitchen as they do the best cocktails evening cocktails of the week with a bottle of Corona in the top and Chilli Martini's too which do have quite the kick!

This time we opted for the classics, Espresso Martini's and ending with a Pornstar Martini too!

It's a great place to visit for tasty cocktails and they even have a 2 for £10 cocktail menu, so you don't have to break the bank either.

Our little Arla.
Saturdays are the only day I get have to sleep in and for probably a little longer than I should! Until, I'm woken up by our two dogs, Arla & Otis.

One of the things I love about living in Rutland is how dogs friendly most of the local businesses and areas are. I love seeing residents out with their dogs, my partner and I are dog-lovers and always on the lookout for paws.

Otis loved playing fetch!
My Saturday morning started with a stroll around Uppingham's High Street, which we are lucky enough to live just a stone's throw from. There are so many things I love about Uppingham but one of the main things is how friendly and welcoming everyone is, we are all very lucky to live in such a wonderful area.

You must pop into Curious Design in Hopes Yard, they're moving their business online and currently have a closing down sale with plenty of unique home furnishings and giftware. I purchased something secret gift for an upcoming christening next weekend, there are so many bargains!

Uppingham's stunning High Street.
Before I drove to Kettering to collect Tom from the station, I had to pop into Scandimania. Which I do often throughout the week to grab an iced americano and either a hummus and avocado sandwich or a slice of vegan banana bread.

You'll often find me in Scandimania.
Our only vehicle in our household is our Defender, which we have named Duncan. I absolutely love driving around the countryside, exploring new places and finding new walks to enjoy with the dogs.

Duncan the Defender.
Now Sunday, after a small party with family and friends at The George & Dragon in Seaton last night for my younger brothers 21st Birthday, we decided to paint the office mustard yellow... A standard bit of Sunday DIY!

Reading Rutland Living!
After trying to get yellow paint off everything, I sat down on the sofa with Otis to read the latest issue of Rutland Living which featured a review of one of my favourite pubs in the area, The Exeter Arms in Barrowden. I totally agree that it is 'one of the region's best-located pubs' and it's a great destination for families too.

My sofa sidekick.
Now, I'm sat at my desk writing this post which I've thoroughly enjoyed writing and I hope you have too! Also, if you're a regular reader of the blog you may have noticed that the site has had a little update over the past couple of weeks and I'm so pleased with it!

Well, that's my week!

What have you been up to?